Big Data Analytics

Olmerics Big Data Analytics

Is everything okay? We help to provide important information for gaining new insights and decision support from large amounts of data at the right time and at the right place with our solutions.

We handle data!

Processing large amounts of data efficiently

  • Combination of various data from different sources (such as ERP systems, production machines, etc.).
  • Provision of relevant data information in real-time to react more quickly to specific events and situations.
  • Data quality with extraction, transformation and loading processes (ETL).
  • Historization of all data in a data warehouse for a fast and uniform overview.

Beneficial usage of newly gained knowledge and trends

  • Pattern recognitions from large amounts of data.
  • Gaining of new insights and trends from data.
  • Calculate predictions using algorithms on data.
  • Faster identification of deviations by analysis and visualisation of important data.

Having an eye on everything automatically

  • Simple and self-explaining visualisations of calculated data.
  • Implementation of standard software or development of individual software (e.g. for reporting).
  • Monitoring of processes to support activities and tasks.

Improvement of processes and tasks

  • Improve process steps by applying rules to data.
  • Automatisierte Benachrichtigungen bei bestimmten Ereignissen.
  • Automated notifications for certain events.
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